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883. Li Jin

李津 (1958 Tianjin /> Tianjin, China) [LINK]



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Artists have been enlisted in Rembrandt’s Dog longlist, only on the basis of our dog’s stricktly visual approach. Presence or not of formal training has been disregarded. Nevertheless formal training has become a topic in the dog’s ongoing research: what does it reflect? This second edition of the longlist contains a taglist (above) of (academic) places of formal training in painting. If a university is mentioned, it means: the faculty or school of arts.

Counted so far amongst painters, enlisted in the second edition, launched 2015 jan 1:

[update: March 7, 2016]

Counted so far: of the painters on the second edition longlist, 16 are self-taught (autodidact) artists without formal training:

820. Per Adolfson (1964 DK)

692. Farley Aguilar (1981 NI/US)

849. Werner Büttner (1954 DE)

727. Jérémy Chabaud (1971 FR)

923. Jade Fenu (1976 FR)

397. Manor Grunewald (1985 BE)

609. Basudev Gosh (1971 IN)

292. Enzo Gucchi (1947 IT)

795. An Hoang (1979 VI/US)

710. Stephen Homewood (1970 AU)

884. Thrush Holmes (1979 CA)

925. Christian Vinck Henriquez (1978 VE)

494. Uwe Wittwer (1954 SW)

705. Gregory Siff (1977 US)

831. Masaya Yoshioka (1981 JP)

354. Huan Yuanqing (1963 CN)

‘I believe that painting has nothing to do with college education. I believe painting is a thing about yourself, but not about classrooms or education. Everyone can paint without education.’ – Ouyang Chun (1974 born, Beijing-based painter who studied at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 1994)

“All great contemporary artists, schooled or not, are essentially self-taught and are de-skilling like crazy. I don’t look for skill in art…Skill has nothing to do with technical proficiency… I’m interested in people who rethink skill, who redefine or reimagine it: an engineer, say, who builds rockets from rocks.” – Jerry Saltz (1951 born columnist for New York magazine)



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Paris Ecole_Nationale_Superieure_des_Beaux-Arts

Paris, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, founded in 1648


Baroda, Faculty of the Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University, founded in 1950

Toronto Art Academy

Toronto, Ontario College of Art and Design, founded in 1935

Hangzhou Academy of Arts

Hangzhou, China Academy of Art, founded in 1928


Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, founded 1805