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887. Maia Cruz Palileo

United States of America

(Philippines < 1979 Chicago, Illinois /> New York City, US)  [LINK]








sources images: (portrait by Barry Rosenthal) (1) (2) (3)

Migration and the permeable concept of home are constant themes in my paintings.’ – Maia Cruz Palileo

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965. Duk Ju L. Kim


(Pusan, Korea /> Chicago, Illinois, US) LINK






sources images: [] [1][2][3]

initial source: art next level (Serio Gomez) via Darrell Roberts

“Creating art is an intensely solitary activity for me. It is never easy to achieve a dialogue with the canvas. The fulfillment comes when that dialogue is achieved, when the canvas and I have reached a mutual respect for one another” – Duk Ju L. Kim

. Steve Locke

United States

(1963 Cleveland, Ohio /> Detroit, Michigan > Boston, Massachussets, US) [LINK]

Steve Locke painter artist


Steve Locke paintings


Steve Locke art


Steve Locke painting

sources images: [portrait by Tanit Sakakini]  [1] [2][3]

initial source: Zevitas Marcus via Peter Opheim

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