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If you are a legal owner or/and have any concerns or questions about a publication on this site, please feel free to mail. You may modify, rectify and delete data concerning you and your work. You are kindly invited to drop a mail whenever certain data are incorrect or incomplete, or should be adjusted. Since the start of the research only a handfull of artists asked for a removal of photography and works, and a dozen more suggested to place other works


The photographical portraits of artists -shown here- are highly validated by many art lovers and artists – just like the medium you are looking at. The images all were found via search engines, and if the name of the photographer could be found out, it has been mentioned. If it was an easy thing to do, the photographer was contacted. If you are the maker (or right’s owner) of a portrait published here, please drop a mail if a certain name and/or link should be mentioned/adjusted, or in case (an) images(s) should be removed.

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Rembrandt’s Dog is a free online database research project on the current state of ‘contemporary’ painting from al over the web and globe, engaging medium-specific aesthetics, beyond the limitations of language barriers and non-artistic criteria such as market rating and formal identity issues