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Portofolio submissions are not accepted. Comment by an artist: ‘How could you know that my work exists and it is maybe good if I cannot submit it to you?’ Answer: ‘First of all, the finding procedure is very specific. From an artistic point of view interesting is, that the procedure makes it possible to see when and if your work will be found by this specific and independent process of scanning the internet. That’s one of the features of this research since 2010.’

All copyright on images featured in the research’ sites remains with their legal owners. Most of the time the copyright owners are artists: painters or portrait photographers. If you are such a legal owner, every remark or question about your image(s) will be treated in full discretion, so please feel free to contact


Rembrandt’s Dog is based in the capital city of The Netherlands, Amsterdam


Image above: waterfront Oudezijds Damrak, Amsterdam

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Rembrandt’s Dog is a free online database research project on the current state of ‘contemporary’ painting from al over the web and globe, engaging medium-specific aesthetics, beyond the limitations of language barriers and non-artistic criteria such as market rating and formal identity issues