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Total number of painters in France, included in Rembrandt’s Dog’s 2016 list of one thousand living painters: 30

857. Pierre Knop


(1982 Nancy, France /> Cologne, Germany) [LINK]



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initial source: Kopenhagen Magazin via Christian Bazant-Hegemark

There is a great quote by Philip Guston where he says that sometimes when you are in a flow the third hand is painting, which I think is such a nice metaphor for the unconscious painting. I took this knowledge and tried to put it into this issue of trying to find a new artistic language. It is a hybrid of drawing and painting and a hybrid of abstraction and figuration.Pierre Knop


858. Cadine Navarro

(1977 Japan > Paris, France /> Ghent, Flanders, Belgium) [ site ]



sources images: [1] [2][3]

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