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(Turkey, Israel, Jordania, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Quwait, United Arab Emirates, Yemen)

Number of painters in this category, included in Rembrandt’s Dog’s 2016 edition of the list of one thousand living painters: 25 (2.5 %)

918. Mohamad-Said Baalbaki


also known as: Baal (1974 Beirut /> Beirut, Lebanon + Berlin, Germany) [LINK]

Mohamad-Said Baalbaki artist



Mohamad-Said Baalbaki Kunst


Mohamad-Said Baalbaki painting

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2015.06.19 research update: 2017.04.28

922. Alon Kedem


אלון קדם

(1982 /> Jerusalem, Israel) [LINK]


Alon Kedem Malerei


Alon Kedem painting

 sources images: [2015: 1] (2) (3)

initial: 2016.02.29 research update: 2017.04.23

 I like the mess of painting: a wild space of diverse occurrences, a jumbled language, blowing in the wind, unraveled. Sunset transforms into a sign which transforms into a screen which transforms into a painting. Meaning is superimposed upon meaning, language upon language. Almost an image. – Alon Kedem