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Massachusetts, USA

Number of painters in this caterory, included on Rembrandt’s Dog’s 2016 list of one thousand living painters: 10 (1% of the total list)

. Diane Green

United States

(Boston, Massachuchetts /> Manhattan, New York City, New York, US) [LINK]

Not the same person as Diane Green, 1957 Memphis, Tennessee, US

Diane Green 2013-15


Diane Green painting


Diane Green art

sources images: [portrait] [2013-5: 1][2011: 2][2010: 3]

initial source: Madelon Jordon via Rebecca Allen

included: 2016.08.20 research update: 2016:09.11

. Steve Locke

United States

(1963 Cleveland, Ohio /> Detroit, Michigan > Boston, Massachussets, US) [LINK]

Steve Locke painter artist


Steve Locke paintings


Steve Locke art


Steve Locke painting

sources images: [portrait by Tanit Sakakini]  [1] [2][3]

initial source: Zevitas Marcus via Peter Opheim

enlisted: 2016.06.08 / research update: 2016.08.30