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Number of painters in this category, included in Rembrandt’s Dog’s 2016 edition of the list of one thousand living painters: 35 (3.5 %)

653. Mayako Nakamura


中村 眞弥子 展 (1976 Hachioji, Tokyo Metropolis />> Tokyo, Japan) [LINK]


Mayako Nakamura show


Mayako Nakamura art

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725. Maiko Kasai


笠井麻衣子 (1983 Aichi prefecture /> Tokyo, Japan) [LINK]



maiko kasai painting


Maiko Kasai art


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“When I see growth and changes of things that exists in everyday life, I imagine what are their dramatical and socially controlled aspect like. I wanted to pursue the liquidity of continuous discipline and story using a painting brush. I wish this is absolutely slanted on unrealistic and hypothetic.” – Maiko Kasai

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