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Number of painters in this category, included in Rembrandt’s Dog’s 2016 edition of the list of one thousand living painters: 14 (1.4 %, USA total: )

882. Keltie Ferris

(1977 Louisville, Kentucky /> Brooklyn, New York, US) [LINK]



Keltie Ferris: contemporary art




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2014.01.30 research update: 2017.06.18


992. Karen Schwartz

United States

(Atlanta /> Atlanta, Georgia + Long Island, US) [LINK]

Karen Schwartz (US)


Karen Schwartz Lips, 2015 Mixed media on linen 60 by 72 inches $8,000



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enlisted 2017.01.18

initial source: Victoria Webb via David & Schweitzer Contemporary and Farrell Brickhouse

‘I try to give myself over to a process in which I have faith that I will find something true and honest about the engagement with my model or my own subjective experience that will come out in the work.’ – Karen Schwartz