This site is part of an ongoing ‘work in progress’ to map (by the means of index/longlist of living painters) the most painterly regions of contemporary painting on the basis of a specific aesthetic premisse that evolves parallel to the endeavour

As art is the sole criterium here, the premisse of the research is based on aesthetics only, fully independent from and not hindred by non-artistic criteria and issues such as inherited identity (Gender, Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Sexual preferences) and /or market value

The research follows a self-structuring methodology informed by internet resources. The index/longlist does not pretend to be fully complete or correct for example on biographical data. Painters born in 1986 or younger can be found on a seperate list of young painters

The 2016 list of a 1000 living painters (not a rating list!) is a part of the research, reflecting the effort to focus more sharply on the results of Rembrandt’s Dog basic criteria, at the same time mapping artistic, geographical, educational, biographical findings

All copyrights involved remain owned by their legal owners

Submissions are not accepted

the editor/researcher, Amsterdam 2017.01.15 (6th update)



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